14 encounters with god

(bible study)

2 week Study Guide Challenge to

Reprogram your thought process, and get

back in touch with God!

​Are you struggling in your walk with God? Have you drifted so far you’re unsure where you stand?

Are you not a believer?

I challenge you with this 14 Encounters that your life will change for the better!



  1. As you’re reading through these 14 Encounters, look up “EVERY” verse in your Bible and Underline and Highlight anything that means something to you! (This is crucial and the only way you will see the change) Also online https://www.biblegateway.com you can select your own translation & search for keywords in the Bible.

  2. Must use all these tools below

Tools & Notes you will need for your incredible Pure Bliss Journey:


  • Bible, I recommend the New Living Translation Bible as it’s been easier to understand.

  • Pencil for your journal, as you can clean up any mistakes

  • Pen, so you can underline anything that means something to you in this Book and in your Bible

  • Highlighter, so you can highlight anything that means something to you!

  • Journal, If you’re a big writer the space in this book may not be enough room for you.  I would recommend getting a journal to document your new life with God.

  • Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, the BEST Daily devotionals. I would buy a used one on eBay I found them for $3-4 with free shipping, you just have to look.  (This book not only speaks directly to you each day this book literally changes your life)


About 14 Encounters With God:

The original 14 Encounters With God is in Student's Life Application Study Bible NLT (This is where Journey of Pure Bliss was inspired and put this 14 Encounters into this book) Very few paragraphs have been added by us when certain situations in the other book didn’t apply to an adult situation. I also added some of Greg Lauri Book (Handling Difficult Questions).


Click on the study guide to begin your 14 Encounters with God (If using a mobile phone click the arrow)

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it"   Proverbs 4:23

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