life coach

stop trading your life for money!


The main reason people struggle with finances is that their concept of life is off balance.


It's time to learn how to balance your finances with your life and grow in financial freedom. 



  • $75/hr


  • 3 months, twice a month $350.00 ($100 savings)

  • 6 months, twice a month $650 ($250 Savings)

tell yourself today is the day

FOR change!


Chang your whole life: 


  2. Give without thinking

  3. Feed your mind

  4. Strengthen your body

  5. Help someone "share what you've learned"

  6. Learn how to compound 


  8. Positive thinking

  9. Trade expectation for appreciation

  10. Appreciate, Love, Joy

your happiness will never last as long as you have expectation behind it!

how we coach clients 

As your coach, we will help you by asking questions, encourage, advise, challenge, make requests and listen for your "essence" so that you are consistent with who you are in terms of your goals, your values, and your vision. 


Our focus will be upon you, and what you want and how you can best get it.

However, the coaching relationship is designed by both of us and may be defined by each of us in the giving and receiving of feedback.  Although I am committed to the process, it still remains your personal responsibility to take action (or not take action) as you desire.


  1. It's Possible

  2. Live what's in you

  3. Get past your fears

  4. Restructure your mind

  5. Develop yourself

  6. Be Hungry for Success

  7. Pursue your dreams

  8. Become Unstoppable

  9. Be Resilient

  10. You have greatness within you

How does our service work?

Once you purchase the service we will email you a questionnaire. This will help prepare us for your first appointment. 

How do we schedule our first appointment?

Once you email us back your questionnaire, one of our Life Coaches will reach out to you and schedule your appointment. It can either be a face to face or over the phone. 

  •  If you choose an over the phone appointment it is very important to designate 1/hr in a quiet location without interruptions. We do NOT refund, so if you have to reschedule there will be additional fees required. 

  •  In person means we come to you, please ensure if we come to you there are no interruptions. We do NOT refund, so if you have to reschedule there will be additional fees required. 

What if I need to reschedule?

Please Note: We do NOT refund.  If you are going to cancel it's very important to notify us within 24/hrs of your appointment time! No Exceptions! 


How to cancel my service?

To cancel your service you will just need to notify us "in writing", however, we will not refund your purchase no exceptions even if it was an accidental purchase.


Please ensure you ask all questions before you purchase our service.

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it"   Proverbs 4:23

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