It's time to learn how to take back your life and achieve your goals. 


It's never too late to develop a healthy lifestyle!




  • $50 (2/hr class)


5 week course $250 value, SPECIAL for only $199

  • Finance

  • Health 

  • Relationship

  • Happiness

  • Spiritual Growth

Class Includes


  • Learning about Nutrition/Food

  • Learning about Wellbeing/ Meditation

  • Learning about a Balanced Life/ Confidence

  • Learning about Exercise

and much more.  Each class comes with a Journal & Pen to take notes.

We are in the business of serving people, and we truly love helping everyone and sharing the word of God. 

how are classes work

During the class, we will walk you through how the foods you eat make you feel. Learning to love you, and how to balance life, and how to incorporate exercise into your daily life and how to make exercise no longer a bad word. 

Although I am committed to the process of teaching this class, it still remains your personal responsibility to take action (or not take action) as you desire.  This class will only work if you decide to make an active choice and change your lifestyle, and apply these methods or adjust these methods to your daily life. 

We believe your walk with God is very important and we will make references to Jesus and verses in the Bible. If you are opposed to the relationship with Jesus this might not be the class for you. 


PLEASE NOTE: We do not promote or support sales of vendors during this class.  This class is for Personal Development only not a marketing ploy to sell or promote various organizations.  

How to cancel my class?

We do NOT refund.  No Exceptions! Even if it was an accidental purchase.

Is this class transferable?

Yes, you can give this class to another person, but written notice is required with their full name, and contact info is required. 

What if I need to reschedule?

You can reschedule (1) time, but you have to choose the next class which can be 2 months out.  If you fail to attend that class you lose your funds and you will have to repay for the class. When rescheduling the class a 1-week notice is required, If you notify us within 1 week, unfortunately, you lose your funds and you will have to repay for the class. 


Please ensure you ask all questions before you purchase our service.

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it"   Proverbs 4:23

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