We offer services for any industry. Whether we are processing data directly into your database or transferring data offline, the service will be first-class. Completing these tasks below should be convenient not a stressful task for your team. Let us help take the stress out of these services by letting us be your first choice.


  • Payroll

  • Benefit Audits

  • Onsite Benefit/401K Presentations 

  • Open Enrollment Benefit Guides

  • Employee Handbook

  • AP/Accounts Receivable & Audits

  • Workers Comp

  • Data Entry

  • HR Assistance

SERVICES                             (Most services are for Small-Medium size business unless stated otherwise)

Focus your time and energy on other things. We handle everything from Administrative to HR our service does it all.


Cheaper than hiring an employee our packages make it extremely affordable to operate your Small-Medium size business without breaking your budget needs. 

The average cost of a Human Resource is $60K, Administrative assistant is: $35K, Accounts payable is: $35K, that's $130K a year. Our packages are custom-fit to suit your employee needs. 

 PLEASE NOTE:  Our services are third party services we do not have special programs to use for Payroll, Workers Comp, Accounts Payable. This means you have to have these programs in place for us to use to process these services. 

HR Assistance

Beyond administrative duties, HR assistants just as you need it, Recruiting, Hiring, Offer letters, Job descriptions,  Employee training, Policy documents; we will craft your internal HR policies that fit the way you run your business, Term forms, Cobra assistance, and Coaching.


Let us take the stress out of processing payroll by processing it for you through your payroll system.  We will collect timecards and/or pull reports from your timecard system and process them before your deadline. We will collect management approval if needed, and help with payroll audits to ensure efficiency. 

Benefit Audits

Let us be your first choice in benefit audits.  We will pull payroll reports and compare them to your benefit invoice to ensure accurate amounts are being processed.  We will put together spreadsheets to show you the errors that need to be corrected before your next payroll. 

Onsite Benefit/401K Presentations 

Looking for someone to present your benefits? Need help rolling out an online benefit enrollment system?  Are your employees unfamiliar with their benefits and/or 401K? Our service will sit one on one with each employee and walk them through each benefit to ensure they know which benefit they would like to enroll into.  (Spanish Speakers unavailable at this time)

Open Enrollment Benefit Guides

Looking for a clean way to present benefits to your employees?  Let us help you by putting together a Benefits Guide to address all your benefits effectively to your employees with a built-in pricing sheet.

Employee Handbook (All business sizes)

Don't have an employee handbook?  Let us put one together for you, we will gather the data you would like to ensure is highlighted in a strongly worded Employee Handbook. 

Workers Comp

We are the BEST 3rd party representative for your organization.  We will work closely with your company once the injury has been reported by forward & collect proper paperwork to submit to your worker's comp agency, make sure your employee sees the Dr. and follow up until the claim is closed.

AP/Accounts Receivable & Audits

We use your programs to assist in Collections and Payments to ensure all your invoices are paid on time.

Data Entry

No job to big or small our Data assistance team does it all. You don’t need to hire additional data reps; our dedicated data entry specialists can complete the job in a professional manner. We put together powerpoint presentations, Contract forms, as well as feeding data into your personal database. However, our services don't stop there, we also send promotional and marketing emails to existing and potential customers accurately is important to raise awareness of your brand.

Focus your time and energy on other things. We’ll handle everything from Administrative to HR our services do it all.

How does our service work?

Once you purchase our service, we will schedule a time to speak with you to begin services.  We will provide you an email address, and phone number along with a Google Calander to help set deadlines and weekly updates. 


What if I have legal questions?

Unfortunately, we are only a Document service, and we can only assist you with the paperwork you would like drafted/notarized. If you need legal counsel you will have to seek an attorney. 


How to cancel my service?

To cancel your service, you will have to submit something "in writing" to us via email. However, we will not refund, no exceptions even for accidental purchases. Please reach out to us via email 2 weeks before the 1st of the following month to avoid being billed, anything after will cause your account to be billed no exceptions/no refunds.

What if I want to put my purchased service on hold?

Please email us if you need to put your service on hold. Please note the following:

• We will only hold it for (3) months then your purchased service will expire with no refund, no exceptions.

• If you want to reinstate your service after expiration a New Retainer Fee will be required.


Please ensure you ask all questions before you purchase our service.

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it"   Proverbs 4:23

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